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    Siobhan Mackenzie

    Siobhan Mackenzie is a Multi-Award Winning Fashion Designer
    from the Highlands of Scotland.
    Awarded Best New Scottish Designer 2016 we specialise in Luxury Contemporary Kilts.
    Siobhan graduated with a 1st Class BA Honours Degree in Fashion Design & Production in 2014 & was trained by Scotland’s Master Kilt-Maker.
    After becoming a Tailoring Technician for The Commonwealth Games 2014
    the Authentic Scottish Fashion Label ‘Siobhan Mackenzie’ was born.
    Inspired by our Highland roots and Clan Heritage our signature style reinvigorates
    the kilt into a modern era with innovative design.

    Handmade in Scotland

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    What’s it about?

    Championing a Made in Scotland ethos is at the very core of our brand.
    In Scotland we have outstanding craftsmanship and impeccable world-class fabrics- we are proud to utilize these and manufacture in Scotland- ensuring authenticity in both our quality and design.

    The kilt dates back to the 16th century- it is world renowned and is Scotland’s most iconic piece of clothing, yet not much has changed over the centuries. We use innovative design thinking alongside our technical knowledge and kilt-making experience to transform the kilt as we know it into the fashion industry. We have a strong passion to keep this historical piece of clothing in style with a contemporary twist.