What our Clients say about us

    “I contacted Gordon to help me solve an extremely unusual creative request, ordinarily this task could have taken days but he nailed it within the hour, it was amazing. Gordon Miller is a man of integrity. If you need it and he can help then just relax, sit back and watch him go. He won’t disappoint.”
    David Boni, Photographer & Director

    “[We’ve seen] an increase in followings and interactions across all social medias. With this extra exposure that we gained we at Lovelin are able to connect with a greater amount of people about our limited edition campaigns as well as giving our partnered charities some much needed exposure.”
    Chris Rankin, Lovelin

    “Personally I have looked upon New York Tartan week and the parade especially as a landmark I had hoped G69 could be part of at some stage in our development. I had visualised this happening at a point further along the road, however, it was made possible to be part of things on a major scale earlier than could ever have been expected.”
    Mark Bradley, G69 Clothing

    “When I first met Gordon, he immediately understood my brand and the story behind the designs so I had no concerns at all with [Scot Street Style] representing my company despite it being a big leap for me as up until now I had always represented the brand myself (and I am a bit of a control freak!).”
    Niki Fulton, UnifiedSpace

    “For Hidden Stag Design this tasteful exposure on social media provided an influx of new followers and appreciators of our work, not to mention growth in sales and fundamentally [getting] the brand message to a much wider audience.”
    Shane Mason, Hidden Stag Designs

    “The collaboration with Gordon Millar at Scot Street Style was fantastic. Gordon’s communication and promotion of the brand was very visible from the beginning, and all throughout the trip to New York and beyond too. Not only did it give my brand more exposure on the various social media platforms leading to an extended network with more followers and connections, it has also resulted in orders from new clients and possible collaborations. Thanks so much Gordon!”
    Catherine Aitken