Retailer FAQ

    Retailer FAQ

    We only sell to retailers and we have no plans to sell directly to our end customers. Our aim is to help you grow your business, whether you are a traditional book shop or a gift shop, barber, gallery, museum, library, coffee shop, clothing store, bricks and mortar or e-tailer, we want to help you sell our book and promote your brand at the same time.

    With an organic global promotional engine utilising social media, hosting events and working with business and individuals we are in a strong position to help put your business on the map and drive more customers through your doors and to your website.

    Can I get review copies of your titles?

    You can see a preview in PDF form. Each title has a retail pack including full details of print quality, binding, case and any additional information so you know exactly what to expect. Due to the nature and file size of our titles we have to limit this to a small fraction of the full book.
    Please contact us to request a retail pack for a particular title.

    How can I order your titles?

    If you would like to order directly from Scot Street Style, please contact us for our full terms and conditions. Alternatively, our titles are currently available through Gardners and we are currently working to expand our distribution.

    Do you supply outside of the United Kingdom?

    Yes, certainly we do.
    Please contact us to discuss the options for your territory.

    Do you supply books to outlets other than book shops?

    We are always pleased to discuss arrangements for bulk supply of our books to non-traditional outlets. We are open to discussing proposals for bespoke agreements (e.g. for museums, festivals, libraries, events, hotels, coffee shops etc) to meet your requirements.
    Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

    Where can I find your books ISBN?

    All the ISBN numbers are listed under our book section of our website.

    Are you interested to hear from distributors and resellers about possible partnerships?

    Yes, certainly we are.
    Please contact us to discuss your proposal.

    Can I use Scot Street Style book images for my retail website?

    Yes, or course. Anything that helps you to sell more books is good for us. We allow use of our copyrighted images, ebooks, trademarks and text in your print advertising, own websites and in-store promotional needs, on the condition that you reference these accordingly and provide a link back to this website.

    How can I find out about titles currently in production?

    Our booklist page has the solicit text and credits for all our current projects.

    How can I find publication and shipping dates for new titles?

    We make every attempt to keep our website updated for both retailers and customer.  We send out periodic notices to retailers (provided we have your current email on file). These notices advise of new products, release dates, and other useful information.
    Please contact us if you would like us to add you to our new releases mailing list.

    How do I get your authors to my store for a signing?

    Please contact us and we will happily try to arrange things to suit you.

    Do you attend talks and events?

    We’ll talk to anyone who wants to listen! As a company we regularly run events in tandem with local, national and international businesses and many of us are experienced presenters.