Volume II Submissions Are now Closed.

    Thank you to all the amazing contributions we have received!

    #Onward! is Scot Street Style’s critically acclaimed showcase of people and businesses in Scotland (and soon to be around the world). We help elevate individuals and businesses and have seen some of the contributors in the book go on to some impressive things.

    The books feature work from an incredible range of new talent alongside experienced professionals including: Jonathan Daniel Pryce (aka Garçon Jon), Judy R Clark, Peter McNally, Christina Miller, Sheri Scott and Claire Stewart (aka Betty & Bee) Chris Jon Millington, Stewart Bryden, Amanda Davies, Tom Cairns, Mark Hogarth, Tristan Cameron Harper, Julian Kinston and many more.

    Each year, Scot Street Style showcases how individuals and their businesses are moving Onward!, with inspirational stories, messages and beautiful images. Bringing together Social Media and Social Reality, these are moments captured in a point in time and cemented in a high quality production. #Onward! doubles as an augmented reality directory, including your social media @handle so you can get your name and business out there to the world that can find you from anywhere.

    Key Downloads

    Download the Submission Form today! (Word Version also available)
    Download the Page Layout Guide to help check your photograph sizing.


    Please note that we have a very rigorous selection process and are looking for the best entries which capture the readers imagination, inspiration and spark their creativity and match the high standards our customers expect. We select elements of submissions and unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will be in the book or that all your content is used.

    Key Dates

    September 2015 – Initial Submissions for #Onward! Volume II
    TBC – Design and production of #Onward! Volume II
    TBC – Print #Onward! Volume II
    TBC – Launch of #Onward! Volume II

    Please note, these dates are for guidance. We aim to keep on track, but we know that things can slip, unknown situations and circumstances can arise. If the project is falling behind, a revised set of dates will be provided.