Steve McQueen, the ultimate #man-crush Monday

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    When I was a teenager, we used to cut out posters of our idols from magazines, and plaster them across our bedroom walls.

    Now, in the digital age, we flick through images on our smart phones and tablets, tapping on our favourites… Welcome to the age of the small screen idol.

    One man has maintained his iconic status throughout advances in technology, admired and adored for his nonconformist individuality, and we remain captivated and curious about his life to this day. His name is Steve McQueen, and he is our modern day ‘Man-Crush Monday’ #mcm

    So imagine my excitement when the invitation arrived from Betty&Bee, for the unveiling of award-winning photographer Barry Feinstein’s ‘Unseen McQueen’ exhibition at the Belstaff store in Princes Square, Glasgow!

    Feinstein was a close personal friend of Steve McQueen and the two shared a similar laid-back approach to life, an innate cool and a passion for fast cars and motorcycles. Feinstein’s pictures of McQueen, taken between 1960-68, have all remained completely unseen until now.  McQueen is pictured at the racetrack, on the set of his iconic film Bullitt and also relaxing in his downtime, making a perfect partnership with Belstaff. Feinstein’s friendship with McQueen infused his photos with an intimacy rarely experienced in shots of the star.

    Natalie Morris, Belstaff Store Manager, said “Glasgow is a modern and progressive city with a strong sense of fashion identity. We embrace innovation but also have a great respect for classic style. Belstaff has a compelling history and is recognised as a brand with endless creative outlets: “Unseen McQueen” by Barry Feinstein being our current project to promote an iconic film star synonymous with our brand.

    “The photographer was known for his protective attitude towards his archive footage, so we are extremely privileged that he chose to release the negative for print.

    “Housing the collection of limited edition prints in the Glasgow store has been a great honour. To be included in such a significant representation of timeless style, suggests growth in establishing a solid hub for more international fashion brands and expanding the creative industry which already exists.”

    This honour for the city was echoed by Betty&Bee: “We are so proud to be working with Belstaff in showcasing Barry Feinstein’s Unseen McQueen within our home city. It’s amazing to see larger global projects like this come to Glasgow and to see it welcomed and celebrated. Scotland is continually pushing forward with fashion and design at a grassroots and global level and we thrive to showcase that.”

    The evening was exquisite, fascinating and fun. Great chat from the guests, great hospitality from our hosts…



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