London Collections: Men; Days 2&3

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    London Collections: Men 

    Day 2 & 3 Highlights 

    The second and third days of LC:M were a mix of classic design and innovative streetwear. British craftsmanship was celebrated, politics were discussed, and even more trends were set. Below are some highlights from days 2 and 3.

    Daniel w. Fletcher 

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    The Brexit vote is quickly approaching, and Daniel w. Fletcher made it clear through his designs and his presentation that he wants to STAY. Taking the form of an outdoor protest outside 180 The Strand, Fletcher merged political activism and sleek design into one. The unorthodox method of presenting his work drew crowds outside the LC:M’s main show space, and people took notice. The clothing was clean, colorful sportslux with the blue of the European flag present throughout. The notion of comfort was consistent in each piece, and reflective of the comfort Fletcher feels within the EU. 

    Pretty Green 

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    Mod and 60s style are back, and Pretty Green’s SS17: Black Label collection is quintessential cool, effortless British style. The label’s signature prints are mixed with cool grey, cream and inca gold. Pretty Green also collaborated with John Smedley to produce some stunning knitted pieces made in Britain, as well as with Chrsty’s London to make an exclusive “bucket hat” inspired by Brian Jones. The whole collection celebrates British craftsmanship and champions the unique culture that was cultivated by the musicians who inspire Pretty Green. The outerwear and tailoring are crafted with British fabric mills including Abraham Moons and William Halstead. Truly this is a shining example of what this country has contributed to fashion history. 

    Boy by Boy London

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    In the coming years you might see war become all the more stylish when the new Boy by Boy London collection is snatched by the military for the protection it offers its wearers. For its 40th anniversary, the brand created clothing formed from the concept of each of us being watched, and involuntarily becoming government informants against ourselves. With four different design stories, Ground Force, Military, Tech and Leaders, the clothes offer more than just the signature, dark street look that we’ve all come to know and love from the brand. The collection embraces integrated garment technology such as RF blocking fabric and drone blocking linings, as well as the use of code as print. This collection is the definition of fashion forward. 

    Lou Dalton x Jaeger

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    Just hanging out with a brew and some pals was the idea behind the new collaborative collection between Lou Dalton and Jaeger. The models played pool and watched a football match, all wearing the casual but classic clothing presented by the two brands. The blues and greens mixed with soft neutrals are present again in this collection and are clear favourites for the SS17 season. The beauty go this collection is really in its simplicity, and the fact that any man would look good sporting the jackets or trousers. 

    Dashing Tweeds

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    Making tailoring fun and relaxed is a specialty of Dashing Tweeds, and the event held on the third day of LC:M was representative of this ideology. The name, ‘Insouciant Summer’, is reflective of the collection and the team that built it. Everyone was friendly and passionate about the clothing  the drinks were plenty, and the entire night was spent laughing and sharing the love of classic British tailoring. The use of colour and square patters were inspired by Scottish-born expressionist Agnes Martin’s work, and as the artist said “Beauty and perfection are the same. They never occur without happiness” 

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