London Collections: Men; Day 1

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    London Collections: Men

    Day 1 Highlights:

    Already there are clear trends appearing at this season of LC:M. London menswear seems to be moving away from fitting garments to a more relaxed feel, and colours like blue, beige, and forest green are seen frequently amongst the designers. Below are some photos and descriptions of some inspiring collection from day 1.



    Phoebe English designed a collection with the ethos of the womenswear label in mind, creating relaxed garments executed with all-natural fibers. Cleverly using solids and some stripes as to not distract from the brilliant construction of the garments, each detail is clearly visible and stands out, showing how thoughtfully the collection was made. The collection includes long shirt-dresses for men as well as joggers and tailored shirts. This brand is cleverly blurring the lines between men and women’s clothing in a way that looks towards the future.



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    The revolution will not be televised. This was the mantra for Universal Works this season, showing their collection in a combination format of digital and performance art. The models were not the classic, androgynous London faces we have come to expect, but were simply normal people. They mingled with the guests until “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron played, and then they all gathered in the front to present the clothing. This seemed to portray the brand ethos brilliantly, capturing the essences of a collection meant to be inclusive of everyone. Simple but well-made garments were the focus, which included relaxed fit, wide-leg pants and comfortable shirts, and the styling gave the collection a younger feel.




    Nigel Cabourn’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection was inspired by a group of soldiers called the “Desert Rats”, and the clothes showed this inspiration in the choice of colours and textiles. With sand covering the floor and army gear decorating the space, it felt like the most stylish of army barracks. Each piece was durable and hearty just like the soldiers who inspired them. Camouflage was a staple in the collection, and each piece seemed comfortable, yet practical. This was another presentation that featured less-typical models, reminding us that it is everyday people who serve to protect our borders.

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