Our Events

    The Gathering

    The Gathering events are a completely different way of networking where everything is positive and the focus is on talking, creativity and sharing ideas at the event. A level playing field where everyone is invited to actively participate.
    Bringing together grassroots and established individuals from start-up and corporate companies to combine their skills, demographics and reach. Creating mutually beneficial relationships by treating each end of the spectrum as an asset and encouraging collaboration on projects.

    “Anyone that follows Scot Street Style or that have attended any of “The Gathering” events know that there’ s a movement happening in Scotland and Scot Street Style are right on the front lines.”
    – Chris Rankin, Lovelin

    Success Stories

    At each of The Gatherings there are around 150 – 450 attendees including:

    Exuberant bloggers
    Creative Directors

    Following their attendance, many individuals have gone on to do collaborations together, been picked up in various form of media channels and found success and exposure that could only come from the environment created by Scot Street Style.

    The Skinny article gives a bit of a flavour of what the events are like.

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