Pretty Green and the rise of British Menswear

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    “It’s gonna do clothes I like. If people like it, cool, if they don’t, they don’t.” proclaimed Liam Gallagher for the launch of his label Pretty Green in June 2009. Today, Gallagher’s simple desire to create clothes that he would wear has sparked the growth of one of Britain’s best-known brands. I was lucky enough to attend the Spring/Summer 2017 event this LC:M season at the Hoxton Holborn hotel where the new collection was unveiled amidst a room full of drinks, food, and good company.

    The SS17 range was full of mustard yellow, cool grey, and classic British houndstooth. There was even a collaboration between two of Britain’s most iconic labels, John Smedley and Christy’s. The knitwear collaboration with Smedley was a marriage between the quality and class of Smedley with the cool edge of Pretty Green. The Christy’s collaboration produced a classic “bucket hat” in three of the season’s main colors. Pretty Green championed British craftsmanship this season with the two collaborations, as well as through their tailoring and outerwear which is crafted in British fabric mills including Abraham Moons and William Halstead.

    The idea for this article came about during this event when I realized the versatility and charisma of the brand. Each piece was full of character, and the spirit of Gallagher’s confidence and candor resonated through the patterns, colors, and silhouettes; this made me want to try them out myself! I thought the clothes had the rare ability to look appropriate for occasions ranging from a rock concert to a wedding – so I decided to try my had at styling them somewhere in the middle.

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    Pretty Green is known for their simple pieces, with the occasional use of print or pop of colour. My printed ‘Stone Woodlands Floral Shirt’ is a standout piece in both the fit and the mixture of blues, greens, and reds in the floral pattern. The fit is comfortable but not baggy – the cut of the shirt slim, but not constricting. The ‘Aldwym Slim-fit Chinos’ were the perfect piece to accompany the bright top, their subdued burgundy colour complimenting the crispness of the shirt.

    I loved the way the ease and comfort of the clothes were accentuated by the white trainers and leather portfolio bag, creating a casual, man-about-town feel to the outfit. The brand’s style and connection to 60s culture makes it a perfect choice to go with a vintage jacket such as this blue suede bomber. The beautiful thing is, these two pieces could just as easily be dressed up with a pair of oxford or monk strap shoes, and a blazer.

    The brand has three different labels, London Mod, Black Label and Festival, featuring pieces perfect for all different tastes and occasions. Gallagher clearly knows his market and can create a collection that embodies classic British craftsmanship and elements of rock and roll style. The brand offers something for everyone, and is a shining example of the rising menswear culture in Britain.

    Text, styling and editing: Nicholas Policarpo

    Photography: Madeline Davies

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