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    Join us in our quest to reinvigorate perceptions of Scotland. Our aim is to go global. We want to raise aspirations, smash negative stereotypes, and strive unremittingly to achieve our potential as human beings. We’re working with the next generation of leaders to continue our quest to reinvigorate the perception of Scotland – and we want you to join us. We host free events called The Gathering which enable you to meet like minded individuals, form friendships, create collaborations and much much more. Take a look at this video and hear more from our community and what Scot Street Style is all about.
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    What They Say

    Video creative team: @anderson_alisa @zenowatson

    “Being part of this community seems to invigorate your creative juices, and gets people who were perhaps hesitant at first, to take that business plunge”  – Scott Mclachlan

    “What I love about Scot Street Style is how it brings together people from all over Scotland who share a love for creativity and gives us the chance to celebrate it together. It doesn’t matter what your specific artistry is, it is a celebration of all things creative… and a celebration of Scotland itself!” Anna Mcluckie

    “It’s like a long lost energy. It’s made me fall back in love with creativity and creative people” Julian Kynaston

    “[Scot Street Style is] an ever expanding horizon of diversity. Whilst we embrace our heritage, a new wave of cultural influence has diversified and evolved Scotland’s style” – Jamie C Johnstone

    “[Scot Street Style is] a way of thinking. It is an acceptance and curiosity to find, try and share new things, with new people. It is not defined by the aesthetic or look of a typical subculture or movement, it is defined by a shared value and ethos of community, shared experience and continual growth”  Alan Moore

    “A platform that supersedes the established closed doors of fashion and style”  Mark Hogarth