BBC – Is it the End of Scottish Cringe?

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    Today, young creatives are rehabilitating traditional textiles and designs. Siobhan MacKenzie and 21st Century Kilts, for example, re-interpret the kilt using unlikely fabrics like denim and leather. They are among the designers championed by Scot Street Style, who describe themselves as brand ambassadors for Scotland.
    Scottish fashions (Credit: Credit: Alamy)
    At left, Howie Nicholsby of 21st Century Kilts models his own designs; at right, Judy R Clark’s designs incorporate elements like Scottish lace and tartan (Credit: Alamy)
    Scot Street Style was born in the year of the Referendum, says founder Gordon Millar. The vote “made people look at themselves and start to think, ‘what does it mean to be Scottish in the 21st Century?’”, he says.
    He wanted to harness this energy into a positive movement. “Historically, we’ve had this sense of inferiority and this was an opportunity to smash that,” he says.

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