About Scot Street Style

    Founded in 2014, having worked with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, The World Peace Tartan and after a chance meeting with street style photography legend, Bill Cunningham, inspired Gordon Millar to begin his quest to reinvigorate the perception of Scotland.

    Social media is a wonderful tool, we can find pretty much anybody and anything: our closest friends living on the other side of the world, work colleagues we see every day, our heroes, our aspirations, our inspirations. There is the ability to connect, to build communities, and create world changing products and services with people we could never have imagined would be in our social or work networks.


    The Scot Street Style community is rapidly growing and has a strong following around the world. These are all like-minded individuals who are seeking a life-enriching experience, to find a platform that allows them to be who they are and work with others who have a similar ethos.


    Through Social Media and Social Reality, Scot Street Style enable individuals and businesses to connect with people they would not have come across. Bringing together high profile influencers and the grassroots individuals who will be the leaders of the future, the community is built on a pure ethos at its foundation, everything is positive.


    By building the community and acting as a catalyst for making connections Scot Street Style curate others who will add to this and help it grow. Supporting these businesses and individuals with social media platforms, the company is able to continue to help build these relationships, source new customers and in turn grow their businesses.

    All of this combined allows Scot Street Style to lead this movement and to aide the company on its quest to reinvigorate perceptions of Scotland throughout the world across Social Media and Social Reality.

    Company Goals

    • Taking the lead in reinvigorating the traditional perception of Scotland
    • Transforming Social Media into Social Reality
    • Building a new global community of creative Scots
    • Capturing the essence and redefining what it means to be Scottish in the 21st century
    • Striving unremittingly to drive this spirit onward
    • Working with progressive, innovative creative directors
    • Creating the next generation of Leaders
    • Exporting more than just shortbread and tartan from Scotland
    • Manufacturing in Scotland – education, infrastructure, leadership, excellence